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Traditional Window CleanerMany of our customers lead busy lives which is why our residential window cleaning service will be prompt, reliable and keep your disturbances to a minimum. After our initial visit to establish your window cleaning requirements we will simply come along to your property at the agreed dates and can get on without the need for you to take time off work or having to come back to the property. We supply all the pure water and tools required for the job so you do not need to be in. We will simply send an invoice via email or post it through your letter box after we have finished.

We have over 20 years experience in the traditional window cleaning trade along with residential and commercial cleaning including offices and houses. We have tested many different techniques and tools over the years. Our chosen method of window cleaning is the traditional ladder and squeegee as we strongly believe it leaves the highest quality finish every single time.

cleaning domestic windowsToo often we hear from new customers about bad experiences with window cleaners who use water fed poles leaving droplets on the windows and the windows looking worse after the window cleaner has been. We call these splash and dash window cleaners. Most initial cleans will take more time to do properly which is why it can sometimes be slightly more expensive but what you get for this is a proper job with a perfect end result without droplets of water marks.

Why waste money on a splash and dash job when you can have it done right first time and every time thereafter.

Window cleaning is not just about cleaning windows it is also about window detailing, something that a lot of window cleaners seem to miss and do not see as a priority. Window detailing is things like window frames, sills and of course windows. We believe that to clean a window you need to clean the complete build which includes the window frames and sills, getting rid of spider webs, bird poo and sap from neighbouring plants and trees. Imagine cleaning your favourite shirt or dress and not cleaning the collar, cuffs or stopping the clean half way through. You've basically not completed the job. Whoever you choose to use to clean your windows, ensure they do a complete job and include window detailing as part of their standard clean.

The benefits of using a traditional window cleaner is:

We get up close to the glass and can see exactly what needs to be done

Better for the environment as we use 99% less water than water fed pole cleaning

Traditional window cleaning gives us the opportunity to deep clean the glass rather than just clean the dust and dirt off the surface

No watermarks or droplets left after we leave.

The perfect finish every time.

commercial window cleanerAll of our staff have been fully trained by staff with over 20 years experience to use our systems to the best of their advantage with the best possible results. We are fully insured for public liability so you know that your covered for any damages directly caused by us.

Come rain or shine we will turn up as expected and complete the job at hand. Not every one is happy to have windows cleaned when it’s raining which is completely understandable and if requested then we wouldn't come out, we will then rearrange with you a suitable time to come out. Obviously if its raining really hard we will also rearrange with you straight away.

Areas we cover for our professional window cleaning service:

office window cleanerCommercial window cleaning

It is important to keep up appearances to your customers when they visit your showroom or office and we take this very seriously which is why we take every step to ensure all our commercial window cleaning contracts have been done to the highest standards in the industry. As with our residential window cleaning service we also use the traditional ladder and squeegee method along with water fed poles for our commercial customers if and where required to fit in with your health and safety risk assesments.

A full risk assessment will be carried out prior to work being done to ensure the safety of you, your customers/visitors and your staff. Ideally we will visit your property when you are closed to minimise any risk, although this is not always possible we will keep our time with you and any disturbances to a minimum.

Why choose us as your window cleaner?

As you probably already know, finding a window cleaner is not a hard task to do. There are so many in every town that finding one which is affordable and that you can rely on and who do a good job can prove a little more tricky. Our staff are employed directly through Clean Slate so we know who will be at your property at all times and have the control to train and follow up any queries that may arise. Also, as our window cleaners are part of our company we supply them with the vehicles, tools and other equipment so we know that they are of the highest industry standard and are safe for use. We insure our staff for personal injury and also for any damage to your property as a result of the work we do. For safety reasons we keep ladder use to an absolute minimum - safer for us and safer for you.

Why not give us a try - Contact us today for a free quote and see for yourself

  • 0 Coronavirus - Window Cleaning is still open

    The Coronavirus has impacted us all in one way or another and we hope you are all keeping well, safe and healthy. During this time of uncertainty you will be happy to know that our window cleaning service is still open. We have been following all the guidelines and rules and also have advice from the Federation of Master Cleaners and can confirm that window cleaners can, indeed, carry on working. This is because we are not in contact with our customers and only service the external windows during this time. All of our other services are currently closed apart from services to the frontline services such as GP's and Hospitals. We will be following closely the guidelines and may re-open these as advised by the Government.  

  • 0 News from our Facebook page

    • Latest News
    • by Clean Slate Cleaning Services
    • 31-03-2020

    Coronavirus is a source of concern for many people right now - and I wanted to let you know we're here to help and we are taking every precaution to keep you and our staff safe. Over the coming weeks we will be listening to every piece of advice from the government. Outlined below is the steps we have taken to ensure we do not pass the virus around and in fact could be helping to keep you safe. - Personal sanitizing All staff will be ensuring they wash hands immediately prior to entering your property using an alcohol hand wash. They will also be washing their hands throughout their time inside your property. - Our cloths, mops and other materials We always have high standards when it comes to our cleaning. Cloths and mops inside your house will always be clean and unused in other people's property. Each room and each different surface will have a different cloth and we use a colour code for different surfaces and rooms. This ensures cross contamination does not happen As soon as they are finished with, they are kept separate from the clean cloths and brought back to the office and soaked in an anti bacterial soak for a minimum of 24 hours. After this time they are washed using dettol antibacterial wash on a hot wash and of course dried and stored ready for reuse. Our hoovers and other machinery will be wiped down after every house clean to ensure they are clean and sanitized. - Self isolation We will be taking the temperatures of every staff member before they start work in thr morning. Any staff with raised temperature will be sent home for self isolation. We will endeavour to keep up with your appointments but may be delayed as a result during this unprecedented time. Staff have also been told that they must advise us if they have any symptoms or if any member of their household have symptoms. They are then to self isolate and not attend your property or come into the office. If you are in self isolation or are in any way in need please contact either your cleaner or us directly and we will help in any way we can. Whether that be getting essentials from shops and dropping it off or driving you to appointments we are all in this together and we are here to help where possible. We are not at this time looking to close any of our services and feel it's actually beneficial for our customers both domestic and commercial to stay open and to help keep people and offices safe and sanitized. Of course we will be listening to government advice and may close if this is ordered for us to do so. In the meantime if you have any concerns at all or wish to discus anything then do contact us. Stay safe, stay healthy. We will get through this very stressful and difficult time.

  • 0 Window cleaner in colchester

    Here is an image of some of our recent work from summer 2019. Seems like such a long time ago now.  We will add more pictures shortly but still getting used to the new system. In the meantime, if your looking for a traditional window cleaner around Colchester and surrounding areas including Clacton, Walton, Halstead, thorrington, Ipswich, Suffolk and Sudbury then please do contact us. 

  • 0 Winds finally disappearing

    • Latest News
    • by Clean Slate Cleaning Services
    • 01-03-2020

    So it looks like the high winds and rain are finally on their way out so we are back on schedule with any luck as of Monday morning. You can expect a call or text from us during this week to make arrangements to come out and do your windows. Not alot stops us from our professional window cleaning service in colchester, however, high winds is just to dangerous for anyone to he climbing ladders.

  • 0 Traditional Window Cleaning in Colchester

    Welcome to our new window cleaning page. We are delighted to have made some advances on our web presence and can now keep you updated at all times. On this blog there will be many different catagories for you to choose from. Currently we have this catagory, ("Window Cleaning"), we also have "The Window Cleaner That's Scared of Heights", "Conservatory Cleaning" and "Gutter Cleaning" and I am certain more interesting catagories will be added later. Don't forget about all the other services we provide and we hope to speak with you soon

  • 0 High Winds Causing Problems at the Moment

    • Latest News
    • by Clean Slate Cleaning Services
    • 21-02-2020

    Obviously we all know that the winds have caused havoc across the UK recently and we hope that you are all keeping safe and the damage tp your property has been kept to a minimal. It has also had an impact on our window cleaning round. Health and safety to our staff is very important to us and as such we have not sent any staff out to climb up and down ladders untill the winds have calmed down enough that we believe it to be safe. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and trust that you understand. As most of you know, Steve comes out in all weathers and is not often deterred by the weather but these high winds are a different extreme We will be in contact with you all to rearrange next week when it seems, apart from the rain, that the weather is back to normal. If you would like to contact us for reassurance or to ask any questiosn surrounding this please do by calling 01206 615 128 or by emailing us using our contact form

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