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Oven Cleaning Services

Highly trained technicians

Complete in around 1 to 2 hours

Oven is ready to use immediately

Fully insured services

Ovens, hobs, extractors & filters

Non caustic detergents

Emergency call out available

Oven cleaning is a dirty job which nobody wants to do, which is why Clean Slate offers a full and professional oven cleaning service covering Colchester and surrounding areas.

Our oven cleaning service includes;

Our oven cleaning service uses none caustic products which can actually damage your oven. Instead we use commercial based products which are certified for use on all ovens including those which have enamel coatings and is approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association. Our products, alongside our experience and expertise result in fantastically clean ovens which can last up to 12 months.

All of our oven cleaning staff are;

Having a beautiful clean oven doesn’t have to be time consuming and hard work. Clean Slate will do it for you, quickly and affordable.

Inside and outside the oven

Inside and outside of the oven is where most of the carbon build up occurs due to the heat, splashes and constant use. Our oven cleaning technicians will give a deep clean of the inside of your oven using our tried and tested oven cleaning products which are both safe for your oven and safe for you. Our oven cleaning products are also approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association. All of our services are covered under insurance of up to £2,000,000 so you know you will be in capable hands.

Oven Door cleaning

The oven door is often over looked but can get extremely grimy over time. We see oven doors where the glass is no longer transparent all the time. We will bring back the oven door to its original cleanliness to ensure you can see the food cooking again inside the oven. If your oven door and glass is dirty you may find that it starts to smoke whilst cooking, this can make food taste smokey. Clean Slate will give you the taste of your food back to you and the take the taste of smoke away with us.

Oven Shelving and racks cleaning

Clean_ovenWhen you first bought your oven, the racks and shelving were all gleaming and sparkling chrome. This very quickly changes to a dull and dirty coloured rack which doesn't sparkle anymore. In fact, in most cases you wouldn't even realise that the oven racks were chrome. We use a commercial cleaning product which is tough on stains and carbon but gentle on the chrome work itself. Whilst cleaning your oven we will ensure all your racks and shelving is brought back to that beautiful shiny chrome it once was.

Electric and gas hob cleaning

Every day use of our electric and gas hobs means that lots of burnt on stains and carbon is left behind. After our hard day at work we may not feel in the mood to clean up after cooking an evening meal which means burnt on stains and carbon get even tougher, making cleaning them even harder. Our oven cleaning service is perfect for any oven type including stainless steal. We will take every part of your hobs and clean them with our oven cleaner to bring back a beautifully clean oven you can be proud of.

Extractor hood and filter cleaning

The extractor hood picks up a lot of grease and grime very quickly as it is the firing line from all that cooking you do. Hot air rises and with it is all that grease and other cooking residues making the extractor hoods one of the dirtiest and un-hygienic places in the kitchen. As part of our oven cleaning service we will deep clean and sanitise your extractor hood, clean or replace your filter and ensure that you can again use your extractor hood and filter without getting sticky fingers.