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Handyman Colchester & Essex

Fixed Hourly or Reduced Day Rate

Flatpack Furniture Assembly

Toilets and Showers

Hanging Things

Painting and Decorating

Gardening Work

Insured Up To £1,000,000

What sort of handyman service do we provide?

We have a team of handymen, qualified and experienced in many different lines of work from landscape gardening, electrical, plumbing to fixtures and fittings & building.  

We come along fully equipped for any job you may have and we fully guarantee our work with insurance which covers up to £1,000,000.

We can have the best qualified person with you for the work needing doing averagely within 48 hours.

Read more about some of the services we provide by clicking below or contact us

Why choose Clean Slate

handyman service ColchesterYour home is very personal to you and you are proud of it which is why we take our work very seriously, with safety in mind, we carry out our work in an efficient and timely manner ensuring at every step that the highest craftsmanship is carried out until the job is completed satisfactorily and signed off by you once you are happy.

Our work is fully insured and our staff are fully knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. We will tidy up after we have completed the job at hand.

Our pricing is structured and straight forwards. No hidden charges at all for our handyman service in Colchester and surrounding areas. There is a minimum of 1 hour charge and then we charge per half hour after that. We also provide a reduced daily rate for larger jobs for all our services, take a look at our prices page to find out more. If you are unsure of how long you may need to book then contact us and we will advise the average time required and can work with you to provide an estimate, or we can discuss a fixed price for the work you need us to do.

We do not clock watch. If we need an extra 5 minutes to finish the job then we will do that and of course there will not be any additional charge for that. We want to leave your property knowing the job is done right. We often go the extra mile and may do a few extras with your permission, if we see something needs doing, whilst we are working in that area we simply just quickly do that if we have what's needed with us at the time. We really do take pride in your home or property as if it was our own and want only the best for you providing an all round complete and professional handyman service

We provide free advice with our quotes to ensure you know the best options available to you, the best prices, the best quality and what to expect from parts and services from different brands etc. knowledge is key

Our handyman service is trustworthy and recommended by all our customers new and old. Most of our customers have used us for many years and are repeat customers. They know that the service they receive is of high quality and at great transparent charges

Flatpack furniture assembly

Flatpack furniture assembly can be a hard, frustrating and tedious task, especially if you haven't got the time or patients to do it yourself. With our handyman flatpack furniture assembly service we can take all that hard work and stress away for you. We will unpack all the boxes if required, organise all the parts and put it together using the instructions provided within the pack. We will even put it in the place you want it to be in the room and secure it to a wall if required meaning you can enjoy the finished result.

Flatpack furniture can be heavy and awkward to put together which is one of the main reasons many of our customers come to us time and time again to assemble it for them.

Our work will be done to the highest standard, efficiently and in a timely manner ensuring that the work is carried out properly, step by step. We will have all the tools required to speed up the process and without causing damage to the furniture.

We have built all sorts of furniture over the years from drawers, beds, wardrobes and cupboards to bathroom furniture and even larger kitchen furniture and work surfaces.

Hanging picture frames & mirrors

Making a house a home is one of the most rewarding parts of owning or renting a property and part of that is hanging picture frames, mirrors and other items on the wall. Hanging items on walls doesn't come without its own stresses as it can easily cause significant damage to walls, especially if the walls are made of plasterboard, (drywall), this can become expensive to rectify.

Our skilled staff have years of experience in knowing the best tools and fixings for each wall for each individual item. Some may be heavy like mirrors and large pictures and this needs specialist skills and tools to ensure that they will not fall and cause damage.

When we come along we will have all the screws and fixings and tools required to do the job you want. Just tell us the items you want hanging and where you would like them and we will take care of the rest.

Hanging TV's

As with picture and mirror hanging, TV’s are a completely different thing all together and needs to be hung with absolute precision and with the correct fixtures to hold this heavy item on the wall for years to come. Some TV wall units can be moved about and hang a lot lower than standard wall units, this creates greater weight being pulled against the wall and increases the chance of things going wrong. We will ensure your TV is hung securely against the wall so it lasts for many years and doesn’t cause any damage to the walls.

It doesn't matter if you have a  solid wall or drywall, (plasterboard), our knowledgeable staff will give the best advice to do a  professional job.

Fitting Shelves

Fitting shelves is a reasonable easy job to do but doing it right and securely is a more skilled job and having the right tools and equipment is paramount to having a quality finish.

You do not want your shelving to be slanted or unable to hold weight. Our handyman service will hang your shelving where you want it to be leaving it absolutely straight using the correct fixtures holding it in place ready for you to put whatever items you want on there.

Blind & curtain rail fitting

The finishing touches of your home decorating is putting curtains and blinds up. Blackout blinds in children's bedrooms, curtains in the living room make a room cosy, keeps them warm, reduces sound, keeps nosy neighbours at bay and helps children sleep at night.

 Our blind and curtain fitting service is tailored to your needs, hanging them in the right place, at the right height and securely so they may be opened and closed many times over without fear of them falling down, causing injury and damage to your property.

As with all our handyman services we have years of experience of hanging curtains and blinds, finishing off any decorating and renovation project.

Bath & shower screen installation

We can install shower screens and curtains for you. We can even supply the screens and install them. It doesn’t matter what brand you have, how big they are, if they are glass or just a simple curtain install we can do it all for you

Fitting stair gates and childproofing

Keeping you child safe around the home is so important. You do not want them to be falling down the stairs or banging into furniture which is why we can fully child proof your home making it safe for baby or toddler. Stair gates need to be secure to the wall as toddlers like to swing and climb, you wouldn’t ant your child swinging and then falling down the stairs.

We can secure kitchen cupboards and drawers to ensure children of all ages cannot open them and get what's inside. As we all know children for some reason are fixated on the places they are not allowed to go and play with dangerous or hazardous items such as knives, cleaning chemicals and loads more. Making your home childproof is a simple enough task but has high importance when it comes to child safety around the home.

Fitting locks, hinges & handles

We can fit locks on front doors, back doors and internal doors such as bathroom and toilet locks. We are more than happy to advise on the best lock for you needs, whether that be security or general advice on which type of locks to buy. We can supply and fit all styles of locks.

Alongside lock fitting we can also fit and install hinges and handles to doors and windows from UPVC to wooden doors and windows. Contact us today and explain to us your requirements and we will advise how we can best help you.

Painting and decorating

Our painting and decorating service is second to none. We are clean and tidy and always clean up after ourselves. We will use protective dust sheets on whatever job we are doing to protect your furniture and other household items.

We can provide all types of decorating from wallpapering to fitting kitchens and bathrooms. We are prompt, reliable and professional in all of our work and you can see why our customers come back to us time and tome again.

We have a reduced pricing structure for day work saving on your pocket too.

Toilet repairs

We can repair all types of toilets whether they are not flushing, not filling with water or are blocked. We will initially come out to take a look at the toilet and find the best solution for you then discuss with you our findings and advise the best way to fix it. We will then get the parts needed to sort it out and come back promptly.

Unblocking toilets, sinks and urinals

Just like our toilet repairs we can unblock most types of drainage wherever the cause may be. We will initially source the problem and seek to unblock it. We use many methods from cameras to gravity to unblock your home.

Resealing baths, sinks and showers

Do you have an annoying drip or is your bathroom forever flooded after a shower or bath? We can sort this for you by resealing them making them water tight again stopping any leaks causing further damage to your home

Fitting taps

We can fit and supply taps for any room in the house. We can often get taps a little cheaper for you saving you money in the long run.

Garden Services

We supply all types of garden services from garden maintenance, bush trimming and grass cutting all the way to decking installation, shed building, patio’s and block paving. We work closely alongside Williams Garden Services who have many years experience in the trade  and can provide the services on our behalf if your looking for more of a landscape design style service. Either way we can help you and advise with whatever garden services you need. Contact us today for a chat about your requirements

Interior design

We provide a full interior design solution including colour scheming, furniture design and layout and full house redesign.

Many of our customers are wanting to market their house to gain the most amount of profit and therefore use our interior design team to put together a plan based on our customers budget and plan. How people perceive your home to begin with can make a huge difference in the market value of your home. Just spending £2000 can be the difference of £10,000 to £20,000 extra.

We can even provide a  de-clutter service to brighten your home and make it look organised and simple.

Our team are into the feng shui free flow design as this, more often than not, is what people are after. Whether you have just bought, are selling or simply after a new look in your home we can help. All we need is your budget, expectations and an idea of what sort of thing you are after and we will get to work for you.

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