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When moving home you need to think of so much, to make things easier Clean Slate Cleaners in Colchester have come up with a simple guide to help you move smoothly into your new home.

Moving home is not just about finding your perfect home to rent and signing a tenancy agreement, you need to think of all the things in the back ground like giving your landlord notice of your intended move, ensuring that the move in/move out date are roughly at the same time and loads more things. Follow our simple steps to a smooth end of tenancy and you will succeed with as little stress as possible whilst keeping as much of your hard earned cash as you possibly can.

Firstly you will need to look into your tenancy contract and look for when the contract ends. It may be important to look at any clause surrounding notice periods. In general you can end your tenancy by giving one calendar months’ notice at any time. Note this is not always the case. In most cases you will have to give at least one calendar months’ notice prior to the end of the tenancy, this gives the landlord or landlady time to advertise the house to new tenants. You will then have to allow any new tenants to come and view the property. It would be advisable at this time to keep the house as clean as you can.

Once you have established the notice period you know the time frame you can work to. It is during this time you will need to find a property you like and pay for deposits and estate agency fees. It is important to note that you will not receive the deposit for your current rental property until after you have left and can at times take a few weeks. Generally you will receive it within ten days after requesting it. We will advise a little more about deposits later. Because of this you will need to ensure you have enough money to pay for agency fees and your new deposit for the new property. Estate agency fees range from £30 up to £180 and deposits are anything from one month to two months deposit.

You should now have found the house of your dreams and have started the ball rolling for your new tenancy agreement. Your credit checks will be going through and you may have had to pay a small holding fee for the new house. Depending on how far in the future your move in date is you may like to start boxing up some of the room’s items ready for the big day. As soon as you have had the all clear and you know for certain you can move in you will need to start boxing up your belongings in full. Keep out the things that are of use on a daily basis and pack them away last thing.

Around two weeks before your end of tenancy it would be a good idea to contact insurance companies, gas and electricity companies and any other company you deal with to change your address. The Royal Mail have a service which redirects your post for you to your new property, it isn’t expensive and can help, especially in cases when you forget to tell someone of the new tenancy.

move-in-out-clean-colchester_and_ipswichAbout a week before your end of tenancy you should have most of your belongings boxed up and ready to go. If you do not have a van or know anyone who owns one who can lend you one you should organise how you will get everything from your old house to your new one. There are many van rental companies where you can rent one from or if you prefer you may wish to use your own car and drive back and forth. You will also need to look into cleaning your property. Your land lord or landlady will expect the house to be perfect, ready for a new tenant to move in. End of tenancy cleaning is not just a quick clean like you would every day. You need to do a much deeper clean to include carpets cleaned, window cleaning, bathroom and toilet deep cleaned and the oven needs to be sparkling. If you end your tenancy and hand back the keys whilst the house is a mess then the landlord or landlady will charge you and take some money out of your deposit to get the property cleaned to their expectations. They will then pay an end of tenancy cleaning company like Clean Slate to come and do it for them. You then immediately lose out on money from your deposit and time which you spent cleaning which is both frustrating and not needed, especially with the expense of moving.

So to bullet point the actions required in order you can see below the timescale's and a list of what you will need to do for a smooth end of tenancy.

Two months before your end of tenancy;

One month before your end of tenancy;

Two weeks before your end of tenancy;

On the day of your end of tenancy;

move-out-cleanThat’s it you have moved in successfully. Although, Clean Slate sees all too often how stressed tenants can get when they are moving out and how much it can cost them in the end if they do not do the right things at the right time. Landlords and Landladies expect at the very least that there is no damage to the property and that the house is cleaned to a high level ready for the new tenants to move in. This is the biggest downfall with many end of tenancies.

Clean Slate offers a full end of tenancy cleaning service with the highest standards in mind. We have been in the industry for more than 16 years and understand exactly what is needed to get the best possible clean for your landlord or landlady. Of course we are biased but we truly believe that getting a cleaning company to come and clean your house before you hand back the keys is essential to getting the house to a standard the landlord or landladies expect and ultimately getting your deposit back in full.

Clean Slate Cleaners in Colchester will deep clean your house to include the following services;

Clean Slate has a structured pricing plan making it cost effective and affordable. Our cleaning products are of the highest commercial standard and all of our cleaning staff are fully trained. Take some of the stress away from your end of tenancy and get a quote today. Prices start from as little as £90.