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Office cleaning services

Clean Slate Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Keeping on top of cleanliness around the office is not an easy task, especially when cold and flu is buzzing about. A clean office is not all just about presentation to the public, in fact it also helps with staff morale and less sickness meaning happy staff who work harder.

Getting your office cleaned by a professional company who take the work seriously can mean the following:

  • Great appearance
  • Higher staff morale
  • Less staff sickness
  • Visually more professional
  • Potentially more customers through the door
  • Better maintained buildings

So what should you look for when looking for a quality cleaning company to render your cleaning requirements?

Cost and budget.

One of the first thing people look for is cost but it's not all about going with the cheapest cleaning company. You need to ensure that the company is up for the job and can manage it professionally and up to your set standards. Your cleaning budget is one of the first things to consider. Calculate a monthly figure which you can comfortably afford and don't forget to include the price of products. Getting a price from a company for office cleaning can prove difficult and most don't like to give prices over the phone. A general guide to office cleaning prices can be as little as £11 per hour going up to over £25 depending on your requirements.

Requirements and standards.

Before you have even spoken to a cleaning company you will have a rough idea of what you wish to accomplish from their work on a daily or weekly basis. It is of upmost importance that you discuss, agree and have in writing an agreement setting out what it is you want done and what you want to be included with your cleaning service. Things like for example; toilet cleaning, toiletries replenished daily, hoovered through out daily, computers cleaned weekly etc. without an agreement or an established schedule or routine you may find it hard to get what you want.

It may be advisable to look at awards, qualifications or testimonials each company has to back up what they say they can do for you. Match this up with the costs and make a educated decision based on what info you have. Don't be afraid to ask for this info.

Contracts and termination.

Contracts can be a scary thought, especially when you are being asked to sign a 12 month agreement. Most cleaning companies will allow an open discussion to mold a contract which is suitable to both parties - if it doesn't suit you don't sign it.

One of the most important part to any contract is termination. If for any reason you are not happy or if you simply need to cancel for any reason then you need to know that you can terminate at any time by following the agreed termination policy. Most companies allow a one calendar month notice period. Others however will not allow termination at all and will charge you for the entire period if you cancel early so be careful when looking at any contract.

Further to the requirements - ensure that all of your requirements are set out in the contract.

Communication & point of contact.

Starting off in any new contract can be a little slow at first whilst getting used to the building and the exact requirements as set out in the contract this is pretty normal. A few small little niggles can be very quickly dealt with as long as good communication is carried out by both parties from the start. This is why it is important to ensure, if possible, that you have a point of contact with a manager or account manager directly. Without a good point of contact or good communication these small niggles can quickly turn into bad habits and become a big problem which are harder to resolve.

There are many things which should be taken into consideration when looking at getting an office cleaning company in to clean your building. With Clean Slate it's straight forward and transparent, our prices are structured, our management are skilled and professional and our staff are of the highest quality with the best training.

Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Clean Slate Cleaning Services Limited

At Clean Slate we pride ourselves on high quality cleaning services at affordable prices. We believe in working hard for our customers to ensure a great cleaning service every time. We really do take our cleaning services seriously and aim to be the biggest and best cleaning company across the UK

Our prices are transparent and structured meaning there is never any hidden charges or agency fees. Our domestic customers do not have to sign a contract unless they prefer to have one, instead we provide a service agreement which provides all the information surrounding what to expect from our cleaning services.

Our services include:

Clean Slate has a vision of becoming a 100% environmentally friendly cleaning company and endeavours to become carbon neutral by the end of 2019. As we grow and expand we will introduce more and more incentives to all of our customers to join us in our journey. Most of the products we use are TRECOS accredited meaning that they have passed stringent testing to ensure the ecological and environmental impact is extremely low. There are ten factors which are put into consideration when awarding this accreditation; raw materials, Packaging ratio, Environmental hazard classification, Volatile organic compound content (V.C.O’s), energy, health/physico chemical properties, consumer use, biocidal products, clear labelling and biodegration.

We monitor our carbon footprint regularly and seek to lower this to the best of our ability by changing the way we work and run Clean Slate. We envisage a fleet of low carbon vehicles to compliment our journey. Any deficit on our footprint will be neutralised by a tree planting scheme whereby we will plant trees in local communities and further afield.

We believe that using the best, hand picked and tested, high quality cleaning products means not only that your house or office is clean and smelling beautifully fresh but also that you as our customer receive the very best in service.

To ensure a service you can count on you will receive the same cleaning team every time you use our cleaning services, this is so you can build a rapport with them and also because we believe that having the same cleaning team come and clean your home or office every time will speed up the service for you and ensure they clean to your exact requirements.

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